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The Future of Client Engagement

Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide

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A discussion about the evolution of customer interactions as companies integrate new digital tools with traditional customer service standards. 

The importance of digital client experiences and the need for companies to maintain a consistent brand identity across all channels, and how innovative tools can improve online customer experiences, making them more efficient and personalised.



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Insights from speakers across Financial Services and Investor Relations

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Alex Sword
The Financial Services Forum

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Sasha Dabliz
Head of Marketing
Waverton Capital Management

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Conrad Ford
Chief Strategy Officer
Allica Bank

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Matt Ryan
Chief Transformation Officer
Reef by Totem

Digital Hospitality 

What is digital hospitality and how is this being driven by expectations for hyper personalisation? What kind of data can be harnessed from digital interactions and could this be used to leverage better outcomes with clients? 

Balancing Digital and In-person Interactions 

How can firms find the right balance between digital and in-person interactions without compromising on the ability to close a deal or lose out to competitors who are willing to travel to meet clients?

In-person Working Policies 

Will the Financial Services sector hold its ground with in-person working policies when the market becomes more competitive and other sectors are offering hybrid policies as standard?

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