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The Smart Events Playbook 2023

The complete guide for in-house corporate event professionals 

Create data-rich audience journeys that drive business growth, nurture relationships and rally new communities.

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Feeling the pressure to delight your audiences
and demonstrate long-term ROI?

You are not alone. Juggling rising event costs and time-poor audiences with increasing internal demands for more data and leads has many event professionals worried.

Smart events offer a new way to create data-driven audience journeys that help your event become a content powerhouse.
Find out how to connect the dots between physical and virtual interactions, personalise your digital journeys and make a big impact on your clients and your corporate ROI objectives.

The no-nonsense guide to
smart events  

Download the playbook to learn:

  • The top tactics for leveraging smart events to drive business growth
  • How to create data-driven audience journeys that delegates will love
  • How to work smarter, not harder to meet your 2023 business goals
  • Seven ways to get started with smart events
  • The pitfalls to avoid with new digital and hybrid channels
"Smart events are at the forefront of our tech-enabled strategy allowing us to better engage our customers, get closer to them all year round and drive value across the audience journey."
Sarah Lock, Marketing Acceleration Director, Informa.

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