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How to Build a B2B Event Community

The complete guide for event directors

Online communities aren't just for B2C. B2B event directors are taking notice of the rich first-party data and the deeper engagement potential that engagement hubs offer.

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The secret to x365 engagement:
A digital audience home 

Event directors are now digital content creators. 
As well as being guardians of live, in-person events, they must think about other ways to engage audiences all year round.
Problem is, with so many channels and distractions, audiences don't have a single place they can go to explore all your content. Things can - well... fizzle out.

A digital audience home provides one place for all your content, a gateway to new experiences and knowledge sharing. From blogs and on-demand sessions to webinars, online discussions and podcasts - this is a fresh approach to engagement and community building.
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Community building minus the headache!

What this guide covers:

  • How B2B brands can benefit from event-led communities
  • Why a digital audience home is an ideal way to launch a community
  • Key online community examples and what we can learn from them
  • A step-by-step guide to building a digital audience home
  • Scaling your community and making your existing resources go further
  • How to use your event community for lead-generation
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